Dr. Forhad Zahid Shaikh

Dr. Forhad Zahid Shaikh is serving as “Chief, e-Governance Specialist” at a2i of ICT Division and the Cabinet Division of the Government of Bangladesh supported by the UNDP. Dr. Forhad is an eminent professional with an illustrious career spanning over 25 years in the ICT sector who has made a tremendous contribution to the development of Digital Bangladesh.  Over the past decade and a half, he has been serving to Bangladesh Government contributing significantly with his unwavering commitment, profound knowledge, extensive expertise and seasoned Insights including a decade-long tenure at the Prime Minister’s office.

Dr. Forhad,through dynamic leadership, has been a driving force behind the innovation, piloting, and implementation of nationally acclaimed e-government applications and digital services, making substantial contributions to the establishment of Digital Bangladesh. He is a distinguished visionary ICT leader steering groundbreaking initiative in the digital governance landscape with his proficiency in strategic planning and synergistic approach   in e-Governance, services digitization, and smart digital transformations of Bangladesh.

For e-Governance implementation in Bangladesh, notably Dr. Forhad played vital role in the implementation of integrated service delivery platform for 35 ministries and 200+ organizations, demonstrating exceptional strategic and coordination leadership in designing and planning and immensely contributing to the establishment of Digital Bangladesh. Having a Ph.D. focused on “Integrated Digital Public Service Delivery Framework in Bangladesh” and a Bachelor’s in Computer Science, his academic prowess seamlessly integrates theoretical insights with practical applications.

In Smart Bangladesh’s digital renaissance, he is playing a pivotal role in the Smart City Transformation, demonstrating deep analysis, meticulous planning, and innovative strategies. Dr. Forhad has earned an esteemed reputation in e-Governance advisory and consultancy, extending his expertise to countries beyond borders like Fiji, Philippines, Bhutan, and more.

Dr. Forhad, an esteemed member of prestigious committees shaping e-Government and integrated service digitalization projects across Ministries, Government organizations, and Universities, holds a lifelong membership in Leaders Forum Bangladesh, epitomizing his commitment to leadership and impactful initiatives.